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Charsadda Police Arrest Three in Connection with Missing Constable Case After Two Years

However, the family of the deceased blames the Charsadda police for their failure to find the body.
by Rifaqatullah Razarwal - 10 Jun, 2024 80

Charsadda Police have announced the arrest of three suspects in connection with the disappearance of police constable Nasir Ali, a resident of Charsadda, who went missing two years ago.

However, the family of the deceased blames the Charsadda police for their failure to find the body. They argue that if the police had registered a case at the time of his disappearance, the body might not have vanished.

On Saturday, Charsadda Police Investigation Wing Superintendent of Police Ehsan Shah held a press conference at Police Station City. He stated that Peshawar Police Constable Nasir Ali left his house on September 6, 2022, and did not return. His brother, Nowroz Khan, filed a complaint with the Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances. The Commission ordered the City Police to register a case, prompting the police to start an investigation.

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SP Ehsan Shah detailed that two years ago, a person named Shahzad reported an incident to the police, claiming that he had been attacked and robbed by passersby in the Bakhtiarabad area. Shahzad said the attackers tried to steal his motorcycle and mobile phone, but he managed to drive them away by firing his weapon. The police filed a preliminary report at that time.

Recently, an elderly man named Gul Afzal, a resident, provided crucial information to the police. He told them that two years ago, an unknown person had been killed in the area at night. Following his lead, the police found old slippers belonging to the victim at the scene.

According to the police, Gul Afzal reported that some individuals had taken the body away in a trolley. The police expanded their investigation to include the people who had reported the robbery.

SP Ehsan Shah stated, "During the investigation, the accused Jawad, Rowez, Sajid, Baseer, and Abdul Haq confessed to killing Nasir Ali and disposing of the body in the Swat River. The police recovered pistols, Kalashnikovs, and the trolley used to transport the body."

When asked about the motive behind Nasir Ali's murder, SP Ehsan Shah said that the exact reason is still unknown, and speculated that Nasir was targeted because he was a police officer.

SP Ehsan Shah revealed that five suspects were involved in the crime. One belongs to the Pakistan Army, and his case will be forwarded to the relevant department. Another suspect has fled to Saudi Arabia.

The police have updated the charges against the accused to include Section 365 (kidnapping), Section 302 (murder), Sections 200 and 201 (concealment of dead body and failure to report to police), and Section 7 ATA (terrorism).

However, when media representatives attempted to interview the suspects, the police prevented them from speaking and quickly removed them from the scene.

The family of the deceased has expressed concerns about the investigation and the police's role in the delay. They question why it took two years for the investigation to progress. They believe that due to police negligence, Nasir Ali's body has disappeared.

Nowroz Khan, Nasir's brother, shared his frustration in a special interview with TNN. He recounted that on the day his brother went missing, a boy named Shahzad filed a robbery report, claiming that three masked men had stolen his mobile phone, motorcycle, and 13,000 rupees in cash. Shahzad asserted he could identify the attackers if they were caught. However, when the suspects were not identified, Nowroz questioned how his brother could have been implicated.

Nowroz also criticized the police for not properly investigating a mobile phone found at the crime scene, which was attributed to his brother. He stated that although a boy named Bilal was arrested, there was no further investigation.

He concluded, "The failure to recover the body is due to police shortcomings. Will the police department take action against these officials? The police neither visited the crime scene promptly nor recorded the statements of eyewitnesses."

Nowroz further disclosed that he had filed a complaint about his brother's disappearance with Padang police station, but they also failed to register a case.