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Controversy Surrounds Position Holder Recognition in Mardan

Muhammad Asif contends that his marks surpass those of the Mardan board toppers, yet he has not received any acknowledgment or appreciation certificate.

by TNN Editor - 24 Aug, 2023 1511

Abdul Sattar

Muhammad Asif, a student at Government High School Takhtbhai, achieved a remarkable score of 1080 marks in the recent matriculation exams. However, the top position in the Mardan Education Board was awarded to two female students who secured 1075 marks.

Expressing his discontent, Muhammad Asif stated that despite his high marks in the matriculation exams conducted by the Mardan Board, he was not recognized as the first position holder and was not given an appreciation certificate. He attributes this outcome to a flaw within the Mardan Education Board's process.

In the ninth grade annual examination, Muhammad Asif initially secured 515 out of 550 marks. However, after reappearing in supplementary exams and retaking four papers, his marks were adjusted to 542. In the recent matriculation results, he received 538 marks, accumulating a total of 1080 marks.

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Muhammad Asif contends that his marks surpass those of the Mardan board toppers, yet he has not received any acknowledgment or appreciation certificate.

Conversely, Khurshid Khan, the principal of the aforementioned school, claims that their institution has consistently delivered quality education for the past four to five years. Last year, one of their students secured the second position in the Mardan Board, and this time again, their student achieved the first position. Regrettably, however, the Mardan Education Board did not include Muhammad Asif in the list of position holders.

Khurshid Khan also shared that in the recent annual exams, a total of 538 students from Government High School Takhtbhai appeared. Among them, 64 students achieved marks exceeding 1000, 175 students received an A grade, and 100 students attained an A+ grade.

Ishrat Ali, the Controller of Examinations at the Mardan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, explained that all education boards in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa follow a rule. According to this rule, students who undergo a re-evaluation process for the improvement or paper cancellation of their Class 9th exams are not included in the list of matriculation position holders, as per the board's academic calendar.

Ishrat Ali further clarified that Muhammad Asif, a student of Government High School Takhtbhai, had also opted for an improvement exam in Class IX. This resulted in an increase in his marks, which is why he is not among the position holders recognized by the Mardan Education Board.

It's worth noting that a historic event took place yesterday, where eight education boards jointly announced the results of the 2023 matriculation exams during a ceremony at the Chief Minister's House in Peshawar. The top three students from each education board were honored with prizes and appreciation certificates by the interim Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azam Khan.