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Lakki Marwat: The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) claims to have killed six terrorists in a joint operation with Lakki police.

According to Police Spokesperson Shahid Hameed, action was taken on the report of the presence of militants in Dadiwala area of Lakki Marwat. The police said the militants had opened fire on the raiding party and during the exchange of fire 6 militants were killed.

Police spokesperson said that among the six militants killed, four persons have been identified as Ziaullah alias Kochi, Safatullah alias Drone, Mohibullah and Kaleemullah alias Faqir while two persons are yet to be identified.

According to the spokesman, the militants killed in the raid were involved in attacks on police and security forces and terrorist incidents. The Police further informed that weapons and explosives were recovered from their possession.

It should be noted that last year in November 2022, six policemen were killed when extremists attacked the police mobile vehicle of Chowki Abbasa in the same area.

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