Zahid Jan Dirvi

The Education Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has successfully addressed the teacher shortage issue at Achar Bala Government High School, situated in the remote hilly region of Dir Upper.

For an extended period, the students at the sole government high school in the Achar Bala area of Dir Upper district were grappling with significant challenges due to a lack of teachers. Despite numerous appeals to both the district administration and the education department by the local community, their pleas went unanswered.

Frustrated by the lack of action, they took the initiative to involve the media, inviting them to visit the school and the area. This step aimed to shed light on the school’s conditions and the hardships faced by students in this underprivileged locality.

Upon the publication of a report by the TNN team, who visited the school at the community’s invitation, senior officials from the Education Department took immediate notice and pledged to address the issue promptly.

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Shanzeb, a resident of Achar Bala, shared, “We weren’t sure if the teacher shortage problem in our school would ever be resolved. While dealing with local WAPDA officials regarding electricity bills, we were informed that several education department officers had visited the school.”

Shanzeb added, “Upon our arrival, we found the officers meticulously examining the school’s records, including those related to staffing and other concerns. Finally, after some time, the education department appointed a science teacher and an in charge of the school. The problem was resolved.”

On the other hand, the Deputy District Officer of the Education Department, Muhammad Iqbal, personally visited the school along with ADEO and STO officials. During the visit, he discussed the lack of staff and other issues with the school’s teachers and students.

Iqbal shared that he successfully addressed the shortage by appointing a science teacher and a school in charge. He expressed gratitude towards the media for spotlighting such hidden problems within the education department.

While the report’s findings about the deteriorated conditions were accurate, a conversation with the school’s teachers revealed that the school’s bank account had been inactive for a considerable time.

DDO Education explained that by consulting the school’s teachers, they managed to solve the in-charge issue. However, an interesting discovery emerged: a class four employee of the school had left for overseas labor without official leave or notifying the department. In his absence, he had arranged for his brother to substitute for him. Furthermore, an investigative inquiry committee has been established to investigate the management of school funds. The committee will ascertain who was in charge of the school, the circumstances under which the class four employee traveled abroad, and the reasons behind the closure of the school account.

The District Education Officer of Dir Upper Education Department, Abdul Rehman, informed the TNN reporter that upon receiving the report from Deputy District Officer Muhammad Iqbal regarding the Achar Bala School, he instructed the timely submission of an inquiry report for the said school.

Abdul Rahman emphasized that once the investigation report is available, no exceptions will be made. He noted that such incidents not only jeopardize the future of numerous students but also cast a negative light on the education department.

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