In a significant milestone post the FATA merger, Orakzai district witnesses history as Baseerat Shinwari, a woman candidate, boldly steps into the political arena, submitting her nomination papers for PK-94 Orakzai.

The district, known for its traditional norms, marks a turning point with 33 candidates, including the groundbreaking inclusion of Baseerat Shenwari from the Khyber district.

Baseerat Shinwari, addressing the media post the scrutiny process, emphasizes the pivotal role of women in politics. Advocating for women’s rights within the framework of tribal traditions, she believes that her candidacy from Orakzai will serve as an inspiration for women’s active participation in future political endeavors.

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Highlighting the broader trend of inclusivity, North Waziristan also experiences a groundbreaking moment with Abida, a woman from Sapalagah village in Miranshah, submitting nomination papers for NA-40—the first such instance in the district’s history.

Armed with an FA qualification, Abida’s commitment to philanthropy, especially in the realm of education, propels her into the electoral sphere. Her husband, a doctor, and her extensive philanthropic efforts underscore her dedication to community welfare.