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Environmental Disaster Unfolds: Chitral-Mastuj Road Construction Under Scrutiny

In a disturbing display of environmental irresponsibility, the construction of the Chitral-Mastuj Road has caused a catastrophic disaster in the serene region of Kari.
by TNN Editor - 27 Jul, 2023 1754

Gul Hammad Faruqui

In a disturbing display of environmental irresponsibility, the construction of the Chitral-Mastuj Road has caused a catastrophic disaster in the serene region of Kari.

The construction company, in conjunction with the district administration, has carelessly dumped stones, mud, rocks, and debris into the river, leading to a significant reduction in the depth of the river Chitral. This recklessness has resulted in flooding of the surrounding roads and areas, leading to the complete disappearance of the Chitral Mastuj Road in Kari.

The ramifications of these actions are severe, as this road serves as a crucial link between Upper Chitral and Lower Chitral, facilitating communication and coexistence among the communities on both sides of the river.

Tragically, this symbol of connectivity is now buried under rubble, leaving both regions isolated and struggling to cope with the aftermath.

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Similarly, the Shogram Valley, though not directly affected, is at risk of facing a similar calamity. The dumping of construction debris into the river channel near Shogram poses a threat to the Chitral Mastuj Road. If immediate intervention is not undertaken, Shogram may suffer a fate similar to Kari, with roads and areas being inundated, cutting off vital communication routes for local residents.

As if the threat of disaster in Kari and the rising danger in Shogram were not enough, flooding in the rain drains of Daneen and Kari has worsened the situation. The floods, exacerbated by rising temperatures and heavy rains, have intensified the environmental crisis.

The floods in the Kailash Valley have raised fears that the already critical situation could deteriorate further. A potential damming of the Chitral River near Ayun could lead to the complete submergence of the valley, resulting in more destruction and displacement of communities. Additionally, the Kojoo Valley has been subjected to the ruthless dumping of construction debris.

Due to the construction company's disregard for the environment, the river Chitral has reached its peak near Kojoo village. The river's fury is inevitable, and there are serious concerns that the road near Kojoo may soon vanish, severing another vital means of communication for the local population.

The construction company's pursuit of profit at the expense of the environment is reprehensible. Their actions have disrupted the natural flow of river Chitral and disturbed its delicate ecological balance. The once life-sustaining river has transformed into a powerful force of destruction, engulfing the roads that were meant to ensure growth, convenience, and prosperity.

The district administration, entrusted with protecting the area and its people, has displayed extreme negligence towards the environment. Their failure to implement proper waste management protocols and monitor construction activities has allowed the construction company to carry out this heinous act without facing consequences. Their inaction has enabled the continuation of this reckless and destructive behavior, resulting in the loss of critical infrastructure and posing threats to other regions.

The consequences of their irresponsible actions have been disastrous for the people of Kari, Shogram, and Kojoo. Countless homes have been swept away, livelihoods shattered, and access to essential services and markets severed.

The environmental damage caused by the dumping of construction debris into the river is immeasurable. The delicate ecosystem of the river has been thrown into disarray. Aquatic life is suffocating, and critical habitats have been destroyed. People living near the riverbanks are in constant danger due to changes in the river flow and elevation. The river's ability to support local farming and fishing communities has been severely compromised, threatening livelihoods.

Recent floods in the Daneen and Kari storm drains have exacerbated the situation in the Ayun Valley. The river is rapidly changing its course, posing a significant threat to human lives, property, and the overall ecological balance of the region.

The construction company and the district administration must be held accountable for their blatant disregard for the environment and the well-being of the affected people. Immediate steps should be taken to repair the damage, and robust monitoring systems should be implemented to prevent such environmental disasters in the future.