KOHAT: The Sunni Khel community in Dara Adam Khel took to the streets, staging a protest by placing 12 lifeless bodies on the road, leading to the complete blockage of the Indus Highway. As a result, traffic has ground to a halt, causing significant inconvenience to commuters.

The incident stems from an ongoing dispute over the boundary between two parties, which tragically escalated and claimed the lives of 16 individuals, leaving three injured. The clash, marked by gunfire, erupted in the mountainous region of Bulandari between the Sunikhel and Akhorwal communities.

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According to the police, the conflict, deeply rooted in a longstanding feud over the demarcation of the Bulandari Hill, reached a boiling point on Monday evening when armed members from both sides clashed fiercely. The Akhorwal faction suffered the loss of four lives, while 12 members of the Sunni Khel community tragically lost their lives at the scene.

In response to the violence, both parties have registered cases against each other, intensifying the legal dimension of the dispute.

It is important to highlight that efforts to resolve the border dispute through Jirga, a traditional assembly of tribal elders, had been underway for a significant period.

However, the obstinacy of local residents on both sides prevented a peaceful resolution, ultimately culminating in this tragic incident and inflicting heavy casualties on both communities.

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