Four individuals were tragically killed in the Khyber district as a result of gunfire, reportedly stemming from a land dispute.

According to the police, the incident occurred last night in the Sur Dhand Navia Kamar area of Malik Din Khel. Four people lost their lives in the shooting, but the identities of the shooters remain unknown at this time.

The victims have been identified as Hazratullah, Ziarat Gul, Abdul Malik, and Mubeen. Their bodies have been transferred to Dogra Hospital for post-mortem examinations.

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The cousins of the deceased, Syed Wazir and Ajmal, revealed that an ongoing land dispute had persisted for several years. A court case had been filed against the opposing party, and security measures were in place. The cousin brothers, who were assigned to guard the property, were fatally shot by an unidentified individual last night.

It was mentioned that another person sustained injuries during the incident and is currently in hiding to ensure personal safety.

The police are actively investigating the case. Syed Wazir stated, “It would be premature to make any allegations regarding the perpetrator of this crime at this stage.”

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