Police recover two bodies from fields in Peshawar
Police recover two bodies from fields in Peshawar

Nasar Zada

In a tragic incident on Mansehra Pano Road, a man lost his life, and his wife sustained injuries as a result of a gunshot attack. The injured woman provided an account to the police, revealing that their assailants were her stepsons, who intercepted their vehicle on Pano Road and opened fire on both her and her husband.

Rescue sources have identified the victims as Daulat Khan and a woman with reported ties to Battagram Pashto Allai. The attackers, who happened to be the woman’s stepsons, unleashed a hail of gunfire, resulting in the tragic death of Daulat Khan and injuring his wife.

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Khursheed Ahmad, a local resident, disclosed that the woman had faced a harrowing ordeal in the past when her husband met a tragic end. Subsequently, she had served time in jail. Following her release, she entered into a new marriage with Daulat Khan. However, today, her stepsons launched a violent attack on the couple.

Law enforcement swiftly intervened, transporting the bodies to King Abdullah Hospital Mansehra for postmortem examinations. Furthermore, the police initiated a series of raids to locate and apprehend the suspects responsible for this heinous act.