In a series of unfortunate incidents involving firing, a total of 5 people have lost their lives and 3 others have been injured in the Swabi and Nowshera districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). The incidents have left the local communities in shock and raised concerns about public safety.

The first incident occurred in the Zamenai area of Swabi, where a dispute over land turned violent, resulting in the tragic deaths of 3 individuals. The gunfire also left 3 others injured, who were immediately rushed to the hospital for medical treatment. The exact motives behind the dispute and subsequent firing remain unclear.

In the second incident, which took place in the Akora Khattak area of Nowshera, unidentified assailants opened fire on two individuals without apparent reason or provocation. The authorities are currently investigating the incident to determine the circumstances surrounding the attack.

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The Nowshera Police have initiated a thorough investigation into the second incident, and the bodies of the deceased victims have been transferred to a nearby hospital for post-mortem examinations. The police are working diligently to gather evidence and identify the perpetrators involved in this senseless act of violence.

Meanwhile, independent sources have reported a separate crime in the village of Bandkhel, Tehsil Makeen, in Upper South Waziristan. The lifeless body of contractor Khazan Gul, who was abducted by armed men the previous night, has been discovered.

Khazan Gul was known for supplying essential supplies such as ration and water to the security forces checkpoints in South Waziristan. His sudden abduction and subsequent murder have created a wave of fear and unease among the local residents.

Tribal leader Malik AD Mehsud expressed deep concern over the increasing incidents of unrest in the area. He highlighted the concerning issue of police personnel neglecting their duties in exchange for monetary compensation.

According to Malik AD Mehsud, out of the more than 270 police personnel deployed in Makeen police station, only a mere 25 are actively performing their duties, while the rest have been exempted from duty in exchange for monthly bribes of ten thousand rupees per person.

He emphasized that this corrupt practice extends beyond Makeen police station and has become prevalent in all the police stations of Upper South Waziristan. Such negligence seriously threatens the restoration of peace in the region.

Malik AD Mehsud demanded immediate action from the Inspector General of Police, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, to address the corruption within the police department and hold the responsible individuals accountable. He stressed the urgent need for a thorough investigation and swift action to restore public confidence in law enforcement agencies.

In response to these allegations, the District Police Officer assured the public that all police officers are expected to fulfill their duties diligently. He promised that any officer found absent from duty would face appropriate disciplinary action.

Furthermore, he reassured the community that the police are actively engaged in efforts to locate and rescue the hostage, and every possible measure is being taken to ensure a safe resolution to the situation.

The incidents of violence and crime have left the affected communities in a state of grief and fear, and it is imperative for the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation, ensure justice for the victims, and take necessary measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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