Riaz Khattak

In Karak district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a distressing incident unfolded when 20 female students fell ill after consuming contaminated water at a government school.

Preliminary reports suggest that the water in the water tank of Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Jindri, had become poisonous due to the introduction of a toxic substance. The condition of the students deteriorated soon after they ingested the contaminated water, prompting an immediate response.

The affected students were swiftly transported to a nearby hospital and received medical attention. The school administration promptly collected a water sample and sent it to a laboratory for thorough analysis. The investigation is expected to provide further details regarding the nature of the contamination. Fortunately, according to hospital sources, the girls’ condition is currently stable, and considered to be out of danger.

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Upon receiving news of the incident, Deputy Commissioner Karak, Ahmad Zeib, took immediate action. Assistant Commissioner Headquarters Karak, Younis Khan, and Additional Assistant Commissioner One Karak Shamimullah also arrived at the school premises to assess the situation firsthand.

The timely intervention of Rescue 1122 allowed them to administer first aid to the affected girls and transfer them to the district headquarters hospital. As of now, most of the girls have shown improvement and are being discharged.

The hospital administration has reported that approximately 95 percent of the patients, who had been experiencing gastrointestinal issues, have shown signs of stability upon examination. The Deputy Commissioner, along with the Additional Deputy Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner, is actively overseeing all relief efforts at the headquarters hospital.

In order to investigate the incident thoroughly, the Deputy Commissioner has formed an inquiry committee headed by the Additional Deputy Commissioner. This committee will delve into the matter comprehensively and subsequently submit a detailed report, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the contamination and the appropriate course of action to prevent such incidents in the future.

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