For the first time in Landikotal Bazaar, the TMA has issued an official tender under which fees will be collected from all the vegetable and fruit vendors of the market. However, the President of Landikotal Bazaar Union, Jafar Shinwari, objected and said that the tender to a non-local contractor would not be allowed.

The official tender of 16 lakh 51 thousand rupees has been awarded to a non-local contractor, while the union president says that if the non-local contractor starts charging in the market, they will be forced to protest.

Abdul Samad, TMO Landikotal Bazaar, said the contractor in the market will collect Rs 30 from each carriage and vendor on a daily basis. This amount will be deposited in the regular TMA account and will be spent on salaries, facilities in the market, and renovation.

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He further added that taxi stands should be surveyed in Landikotal Bazaar, and tenders should be issued for them. He emphasized that they will not accept any money without a contractor in the market, and legal action will be taken against anyone who collects money illegally.

On the other hand, Landikotal Bazaar Union President Jafar Shinwari said they will not allow the TMA in the market to let the contractor collect money, adding that if anyone tries to collect it, they will protest strongly. According to him, TMA gave the contract to a non-local person without taking them into confidence, which they do not approve of at all.

It should be noted that traffic is blocked due to encroachments in the Landikotal market, due to which citizens face severe difficulties during the month of Ramadan. Citizens demand that action should be taken against encroachment in the market so that people can walk easily.

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