In an operation led by the District Administration, 35 families from Bajaur, who had been residing unlawfully in the Nowshera district, were forcibly evicted from the Benazir Women’s Complex in Risalpur, Nowshera. These families, originally relocated following a 2008 operation, had declined to vacate the official camp, prompting the District Administration’s intervention.

Assistant Commissioner (AC) Nowshera supervised the operation, which was met with protests from women and children at Benazir Complex Risalpur. They attempted to block Pirsabaq Risalpur Road, but the protest was thwarted by female police officers.

Hundreds of officials from the Cantonment Board, TMA, Civil Defense, and District Administration were involved in the extensive operation, with over two hundred police officers and lady police officers deployed.

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The displaced families expressed their grievances, mentioning the arrests of more than ten of their leaders under three MPOs, who were subsequently transferred to Haripur. They emphasized their Pakistani identity and questioned the government’s actions, highlighting their sacrifices in the fight against terrorism. They sought answers on where to go with just one night’s notice.

In response, the administration clarified that despite numerous appeals, the families had not complied with evacuation requests, necessitating the operation. AC Nowshera Tanveer Ahmed assured that once the operation was completed, all arrested Bajaur leaders would be released.