Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: The provision of treatment through health cards in the region has once again come to a halt.

The State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan recently issued a notification announcing the suspension of new admissions under the Sehat Insaf card program across the province.

Effective yesterday, the notification indicated that the healthcare service previously offered under the Sehat Insaf card, initiated by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, has been temporarily suspended.

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As per the communication from State Life Insurance, the acceptance of new patients with the Sehat Insaf card will be put on hold starting August 22. However, the only exception will be emergency cases, which will require prior authorization.

The notification clarified that this step has been taken due to the lack of funds, which have remained unavailable for the past year.

Dr. Riaz Tanoli explained that an amount of 21 million rupees has been pending for the last year, significantly affecting the program’s sustainability. The discontinuation of services is directly linked to the scarcity of funds.

Moreover, Dr. Tanoli stated that the government had issued a one-million-rupee installment, but the corresponding check has yet to be received.