Aftab Mohmand

In a heart-wrenching incident, a 6-year-old girl was discovered dead in the Khazana area of Peshawar. The young victim, identified as Ayesha, left her home in Khazana Camp yesterday evening to make a simple purchase from a nearby shop. When she failed to return home, her family initiated a search in the vicinity.

Upon contacting the girl’s maternal grandfather, Faqir Muhammad, he recounted the events leading to the tragic discovery. The family’s efforts to locate Ayesha were in vain throughout the night. By morning, devastating news reached them – Ayesha’s lifeless body was found in the nearby bushes, near the Khazana camp.

Faqir Muhammad, deeply saddened and perplexed by the tragedy, expressed that Ayesha had recently been enrolled in a school in Khazana and attended a local seminary. He emphasized that their family had no conflicts or enmities, leaving them bewildered by the inexplicable loss of their beloved daughter.

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Local law enforcement swiftly responded to the incident. The police of Khazana police station reported that the body of the young girl was discovered within their jurisdiction, indicating that she had been killed under unknown circumstances. A team, comprising SP Rural Zafar Ahmed, DSP Rural Amjad Khan, the SHO, and investigators, promptly arrived at the scene to secure the body for post-mortem examination.

A case against the unidentified perpetrator has been registered based on the complaint filed by Ayesha’s uncle, Sabir. A dedicated investigative team, led by SP Rural, has been formed to meticulously examine the crime scene and conduct a thorough investigation. Authorities have assured that the responsible party will be apprehended and brought to justice without delay.

This tragic incident has sent shockwaves through the community, prompting demands for swift action to ensure justice for Ayesha. As investigations unfold, the entire community mourns the loss of a young life while hoping that the truth behind this heartrending incident will soon come to light.

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