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The Anti-Terrorism Court in Peshawar recently deliberated on the bail application of Zar Khan Jadoon, the prime suspect in the case involving the killing of 11 individuals, including Tehsil Chairman Atif Khan. The incident also saw the bodies burned and left unidentified.

Advocate Nauman Mohib Kakakhel, representing Zar Khan Jadoon, argued that the FIR, registered in Haveliyan, District Abbottabad, was based on false charges. The lawyer contended that the complainant party, a powerful political family, might influence the arrest of the accused while en route to the anti-terrorism court in Abbottabad.

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Emphasizing the lack of judicial evidence against the accused, the lawyer expressed confidence that the case would tilt in favor of his client. The Anti-Terrorism Court Judge in Peshawar granted interim bail, requiring two bonds of Rs. 100,000, and issued orders to refrain from arresting the accused.

The tragic incident occurred on March 20, 2023, when Tehsil Nazim Atif Munsif and his convoy were ambushed at Langrah. Conflicting reports surround the subsequent fire, with some suggesting the assailants used incendiary material, leaving most bodies unidentifiable. Others claim the firing ignited the petrol tank, reducing the vehicle to ashes. The case remains a complex and sensitive matter.