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Hospital Owner in Peshawar Faces Charges; Sealing Under Consideration

The presence of a laboratory and operation theater in a homeopathic hospital was also deemed questionable.

by TNN Editor - 14 Jul, 2023 1547

Abdul Hakim Mohmand

The district administration of Peshawar has filed an FIR against Dr. Haider Ali Mohmand, the owner of Homeopathic General Hospital on Charsadda Road, over allegations of misbehavior and the use of abusive language. Additionally, the administration has sought the assistance of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Care Commission to seal the hospital.

Earlier today, Dr. Haider Mohmand was arrested and subsequently released on bail.

According to Additional Assistant Commissioner Misbah Waheed, a raid was conducted at the Homeopathic General Hospital in response to complaints received. A team from Khyber News, a private television channel, accompanied the officials during the raid.

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Misbah Waheed mentioned that the hospital administration did not allow media personnel to enter during the raid. Dr. Haider Ali, the owner of the hospital, arrived at the scene and allegedly engaged in misbehavior, leading to the registration of a case against him under Section 186 for interfering with government work. Consequently, he was arrested.

During the raid, medicines without an expiry date were seized from the hospital. Misbah Waheed emphasized that all medicines have an expiry date and sent the seized medicines to the Health Care Commission for further investigation.

Furthermore, objections were raised regarding the hospital's name, as a "General Hospital" typically refers to an allopathic facility. The presence of a laboratory and operation theater in a homeopathic hospital was also deemed questionable.

Regarding the sealing of the hospital, Assistant Commissioner Peshawar Misbah Waheed stated that consultation with the Healthcare Commission has been sought. The hospital will be sealed in a subsequent raid conducted alongside experts from the commission.

Misbah Waheed highlighted that there are several private doctors in Peshawar operating hospitals illegally, and the district administration, under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner Shah Fahad, takes action against such individuals.

Meanwhile, Syed Waqqas Shah, the bureau chief of Khyber News, accused Dr. Haider Ali of verbally abusing the journalist and cameraperson from the Khyber News team, and even issuing threats to harm them. Videos capturing these incidents have been shared on social media.

Speaking to TNN, Waqqas Shah mentioned that media teams are usually accompanied by the district administration during such operations. He further noted that the Khyber News team was denied entry to the hospital and received death threats.

In a video statement shared on his Facebook page after being released on bail, Dr. Haider Ali of Homoeopathic General Hospital refuted all allegations against him. He claimed that the hospital's registration papers were presented to Additional Assistant Commissioner Misbah Waheed, but he was still accused of misconduct.

Dr. Haider Ali explained in the video that when the Khyber News team visited his clinic, he was attending to a female patient, which led him to deny permission for video recording.

In another video posted on social media, Dr. Haider stated that he included "general" in the hospital's name because it is not just him but several other doctors who treat patients there.

He alleged that the raid on the hospital was part of a premeditated conspiracy.