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Khyber court sentences accused to death for murdering sister and neighbor for honor

This is second conviction in honor killing in the district over past some months

by Editor - 20 Jan, 2023 1512

Muhammad Tayyab

District and Session Judge Khyber has convicted accused to death and imposed s fine of Rs 1 million on him for murdering his sister and a neighbor in the name of honor.

The accused identified as Farooq was arrested on charges of murdering his sister and neighbor in the limits of Milward police station of Khyber in November 2021. D&SG Khyber Hidayatullah Khan in his detailed judgment noted that the accused murdered his sister and a neighbor in the name of honor and buried their bodies without autopsy. “Police recovered empties and blood stained mud from the crime scene,” he noted.

The verdict noted that the accused suspected both the slain of having illicit relation and killed them inside his house. On the other hand, heirs of the slain neither nominated someone for the murder not became part of the investigation.

However, during the investigation, it was reveled that the accused had killed both the slain and later fled the scene. Besides, both the slain were buried without autopsy.

The prosecution later asked for autopsy of the accused which was carried out after the exhumation of the bodies. However, heirs of the slain appealed against the exhumation of the bodies, which was turned down by the court. Autopsy of the accused determined that both of them have been shot dead. Following this police arrested the accused and during the trial it was established that he had murdered both the slain in the name of honor.

Allowing compromise in honor killings is causing social evils

The court said that they could not allow compromise in such cases, as it was creating a lot of problem in the society. It said that both the slain have been killed without a shred of evidence in the name of honor. Besides, it also regretted the fact the heirs of both the slain did not show any interest in bringing the accused to justice.

However, it said that the prosecution established its case and indeed the accused had murdered both the persons; therefore, he is convicted to death sentence.

In addition to this, the judge noted that testimonies also substantiate that the accused had murdered both the persons.

Besides, he noted that the accused neither attended his sister funeral and burial, rather, fled from the scene, and handed him over to police about a month later.”The court convicts the accused to death twice and also imposed Rs 1 million fine on him,” it declared.

The court has also sent a reference regarding the death sentence of the accused to the Peshawar High Court.  It is worth mentioning here that it is the second conviction in honor killing case in the Khyber district over past some months.