Kashif Kokikhel

“After 25 years of yearning, Allah blessed them with a son, but both the mother and the child tragically lost their lives due to the inexperience of a fraudulent female doctor.”

Muhammad Alam (pseudonym) from District Khyber Tehsil Bara had been married for 25 years without children. Following the advice of friends and relatives, he decided to remarry a year ago, hoping to experience the joy of parenthood like others.

Muhammad Alam spared no expense in seeking medical treatments for his first wife and sought blessings from renowned practitioners but to no avail. Consequently, he entered into a second marriage.

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His second wife, aged 28, brought newfound hope of parenthood. On Friday, June 9th, at three in the afternoon, labor began. The mother-in-law swiftly accompanied her daughter-in-law to the nearest gynecologist. Dr. Sahiba attended to the labor until 6 o’clock when she delivered the devastating news of the grandson’s demise.

The mother-in-law rushed to her daughter-in-law’s side, only to find her condition critical. She pleaded with the doctor to save her daughter-in-law, but all efforts were in vain. Distraught, the mother-in-law immediately called her second son, instructing him to rush the daughter-in-law to Hayatabad Medical Complex.

Within an hour or two, the mother-in-law arrived at the complex with her daughter-in-law in a deteriorating state. Tragically, the doctors pronounced the daughter-in-law’s demise. When Mohammad Alam’s brother sought answers from the doctor, he was informed that the cause of death was anemia.

The doctors explained that the blood levels should have been replenished before delivery, but during the process, the blood loss was exacerbated, leading to the loss of both mother and child. At 11:30 pm, preparations were made for their burial.

Sources reveal that the village not only harbors one, but six unregistered and uncertified gynecologists and clinics. With numerous villages in Khyber, one can only speculate on the prevalence of such substandard clinics throughout the region.

Shockingly, this incident is not an isolated case, as 25 women have previously lost their lives in similar circumstances, yet no action has been taken against these culprits.

Addressing unregistered clinics and doctors falls within the purview of the Healthcare Commission, but no tangible steps have been observed in the tribal districts. Attempts to contact officials for the Health Care Commission’s stance on the matter have been met with silence. Residents fear that without action against these unregistered clinics, more lives will be lost—mothers and children alike.

District Health Officer Dr. Zafar Khan acknowledges the gravity of the situation, emphasizing that the Health Care Commission exists to prevent such occurrences.

Muhammad Alam holds the inexperienced lady doctor responsible for the tragic incident and raises concerns about the health department’s actions. He highlights the simplicity and lack of education among the people of Khyber, making them vulnerable to distinguishing genuine doctors from impostors. It is the responsibility of the health department and the Healthcare Commission to raise awareness about these issues, which they have failed to do so far.

He demands swift action against these clinics, as he has already lost his son and wife. His plea is to prevent further loss of lives and protect the well-being of others.

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