Abdul Qayyum Afridi

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has taken the decision to prohibit the open sale of mobile SIM cards in local markets. The district administration of Peshawar has issued a notification, invoking Section 144 in the city, which categorically prohibits the public buying and selling of mobile SIM cards in streets and markets.

This ban is slated to remain in effect for a duration of two months. The district administration has cited concerns regarding the misuse of buyers’ fingerprints as a significant factor behind this decision.

Consequently, citizens are urged to refrain from purchasing mobile SIM cards from unregistered dealers. Furthermore, the police have been directed to take appropriate actions against any individuals engaged in such activities.

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Reacting to this move, Afzal Khan, a shopkeeper in Peshawar who specializes in selling mobile SIM cards, expressed that similar bans have been imposed in the past but need stronger enforcement.

He noted that the open sale of mobile SIM cards continues in markets, streets, and intersections, posing risks to both citizens’ security and the business of registered vendors. He urged the administration to ensure the ban’s stringent implementation.