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For the past five days, clashes have been ongoing between tribes in various areas of Kurram district. The recent clashes resulted in the death of two more individuals and left 25 others injured. In total, the five-day clashes have claimed the lives of 11 people and caused injuries to 77 individuals.

Despite a ceasefire agreement, attacks on Pewar, a location in the Kurram district, continue to persist. The firing exchanges between the two tribes originally erupted five days ago due to a property dispute in Boshehra, and the conflict has not yet been resolved.

The district administration, in collaboration with tribal elders and security forces, is taking steps to control the situation and restore peace. Federal Minister Sajid Tori is also actively involved in efforts to negotiate a ceasefire between the warring tribes. However, the overall situation remains tense.

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Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resources, Sajid Tori, expressed the urgent need for the federal and provincial governments to intervene and put an end to the violent clashes in the Kurram district. Despite repeated ceasefire agreements, clashes have erupted in various parts of the Kurram district due to the malicious schemes of anti-peace elements.

During a media interaction, Sajid Tori mentioned that he has been present in his constituency for the past three days, working towards resolving the conflicts between the tribes. With the support of the district administration, tribal elders, and security forces, they managed to bring a temporary halt to the ongoing clashes between Tari Mengal, Balish Khel, and Khar Kaly. However, the ceasefire was short-lived, as those who do not wish well for Kurram district reignited hostilities, disrupting the hard-earned peace.

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Federal Minister Sajid Hussain Tori revealed ongoing telephonic communication with Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary Syed Tauqeer Shah, and the 11th Corps commander. He is providing updates on the current situation in Kurram district to the respective authorities.

Sajid Tori urged the federal and provincial governments to take immediate and effective measures to halt the ongoing clashes in the Kurram district. He emphasized that the recent bloodshed and violence are inflicting irreparable damage to the fragile peace of the Kurram district.

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