Nasar Zada

Anju, an Indian woman, has applied to the Ministry of Home Affairs in Pakistan for an extension of her visa. Going by the Islamic name Fatima, Anju seeks to extend her stay in the country by a year.

Nasrullah, Anju’s husband, revealed to the media that he had submitted a visa extension application to the Ministry of Interior on behalf of Fatima. The application required certain documents, which Nasrullah has already submitted today. He expects to receive permission for Fatima to remain in Pakistan for another year within the next ten days.

According to Nasrullah, before this application, Fatima was granted a two-month stay after arriving late from India on July 22. She initially entered Dir Upper on a one-month visit visa. Nasrullah emphasized that Fatima is enthusiastic about embracing the customs and culture of Dir Upper, and she is content and pleased with her life there.

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Nasrullah expressed his gratitude for the positive treatment and support they have received from various institutions within the country. He mentioned that their journey began when he and Fatima developed a connection on social media, evolving from friendship to love. This ultimately led to Fatima’s visit to Dir Upper in Pakistan to meet Nasrullah.

Upon arriving in Dir Upper, Anju willingly embraced Islam and adopted the name Fatima. Nasrullah and Fatima have also entered into marriage. Additionally, two different companies have announced the allocation of plots in Islamabad and Peshawar for Fatima, along with providing financial assistance.

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