Rifaqatullah Razarwal

The body of a woman, allegedly murdered in Shabqadar tehsil of Charsadda, has been discovered. According to the Shabqadar police station, the victim’s brother, Siraj, reported that his 14-year-old sister Sameera had recently married a man named Nasir.

Tragically, just four days after the wedding, Sameera was killed, and her body was callously dumped into the Kabul River, concealed inside a sack.

Asif Khan, the SHO of the police station, revealed during the investigation that Sameera and Nasir had entered into a marriage of convenience, leading to this appalling incident. Before the tragedy, Nasir, the victim’s husband, filed a missing person report for his wife, prompting the police to initiate a search operation.

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Following the grim discovery of the body, Sameera’s brother, Siraj, filed a murder case against Nasir. However, no arrests have been made thus far.

It is crucial to highlight that Charsadda has witnessed a distressing trend, with eight women falling victim to domestic violence and honor killings in the last eight months.

Organizations working for women’s rights emphasize that injustice against women in Pakistan is perpetuated by negative societal attitudes and flaws in the justice system. Saima Munir, the head of Aurat Foundation, cited the importance of the legal minimum age for marriage being 16 years. She also highlighted the need to empower women to report atrocities they face during their marriages, as they often endure silence.

Saima Munir further pointed out that when women face abuse or murder, their families confront significant hurdles in seeking justice, primarily due to financial constraints and weak family support. This results in a cycle of impunity for the perpetrators.

Tahira Kaleem, another human rights activist, shed light on the systemic oppression of women in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, starting from their birth. Many families express disappointment upon the birth of a girl child, leading to their deprivation of education and inheritance rights.

To combat these grave issues, it is imperative to rigorously implement laws against honor killings, violence, and crimes targeting women. Severe punishments, including the death penalty, should be imposed on those found guilty.

Equally important is ensuring that women are encouraged to report offenses and that suitable solutions are found through attentive listening and support.

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