Rifaqatullah Razarwal

Eight people, including a 13-year-old girl, tragically lost their lives in three separate incidents of firing in Charsadda district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

According to the police, the first incident of firing took place within the limits of Prang police station, in which two brothers living in the same house fired on a property dispute. As a result, Jahanzeb and his son, the accused, killed brother Niaz Ali and his two sons Nawas Khan and Akbar Khan, while two other people were injured. Additionally, two individuals sustained injuries in the violent altercation.

Prang police chief Wasiullah reported that the 33-marla incident was rooted in a dispute over a house, where three brothers resided jointly. The accused, Jahanzeb, had been actively trying to take possession of the property, leading to the fatal confrontation.

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Khalid, the son of the deceased Niaz Ali, revealed that during a ‘jirga’ (a traditional assembly for dispute resolution), his uncle seemed willing to discuss the matter. However, upon returning home, the situation took a tragic turn when firing erupted.

The police filed a case against the accused Jahanzeb and his two sons under section 302 of the law.

It is essential to recall that earlier, on Tuesday, Jahanzeb had alleged in a press conference that Niaz Ali and his sons had brutally attacked him with a knife. Despite the report, the police had not taken any action regarding the reported torture.

In a separate incident in Shabqadar, Gul Sher’s brother fatally shot Gul Sher, his 15-year-old son Ali, and his 13-year-old daughter Amina. The mother of the children was also seriously injured during the violent act.

Additionally, in the Mandani area of Tangi Tehsil, a young man named Sufyan was shot and injured due to a women-related dispute.

Tragedy struck again when the officials of Rescue 1122 were transferring Sufyan to the hospital in an injured condition, and their vehicle encountered an accident. Both Sufyan and his brother Mukhtar suffered serious injuries during the accident and unfortunately succumbed to their injuries while en route to the hospital. The driver of Rescue 1122 and a technician were also injured in the tragic incident.

The police have promptly registered reports for all these distressing incidents and have initiated investigations to uncover the circumstances behind these heartbreaking losses of life.

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