Aftab Mohmand

A person was killed and another injured in a police firing incident in Peshawar’s Sarband area. The incident occurred last night when the police attempted to stop a motor vehicle on the road in Sarband police station. When the vehicle failed to stop, the police opened fire, resulting in casualties.

The police claim that four individuals from Dara Adam Khel, traveling in the car, fired at them first, prompting the police to retaliate. The injured and deceased were immediately transported to Lady Reading Hospital, while two individuals managed to flee from the scene.

Efforts are underway to apprehend the fleeing suspects, and an investigation committee led by SP Cantt has been formed to inquire into the incident. The motive behind the individuals opening fire on the police will be determined once the absconding suspects are captured.

According to Ahsan Awan, a senior journalist based in Peshawar, this marks the third such incident in the city this year. Previous incidents occurred in Yakkatoot and Chamkani areas, where one person was killed and another injured in similar police firing incidents. While it is premature to draw conclusions about this incident, previous cases involved a smuggler who was killed during a confrontation with the police while attempting to evade arrest.

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