In the Mardan district’s general elections held on February 8, a historic turnout was recorded, with women casting their votes at an impressive rate of 34.83%. According to Form 47 issued by the Election Commission, out of the total 696,382 votes in the eight Provincial Assembly constituencies, 242,558 were from women.

Breaking down the numbers further, the Election Commission reported that 232,165 women exercised their voting rights in the three National Assembly constituencies of Mardan, resulting in a notable 34.33% women’s voter turnout.

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During these elections, the male voter percentage was recorded at 49.59%, with a total of 841,696 male voters in the eight Provincial Assembly constituencies. Out of this, 417,424 votes were cast, indicating an active participation of the male electorate.

The overall turnout in Mardan district was exceptionally high, with 42.91% recorded according to Form 47 issued by the Election Commission. Out of 1,538,078 votes, 659,942 were cast, showcasing a significant civic engagement.

Experts analyzing the elections have highlighted the noteworthy increase in turnout compared to previous elections. Particularly encouraging is the substantial number of women actively participating in the electoral process, marking a positive shift in civic participation.