In Bajaur, the sit-in staged by PTI workers against perceived irregularities in election results enters its second day. A significant gathering of leaders and activists from various political factions, alongside PTI supporters, remains steadfast in the ongoing demonstration.

Following negotiations with the Jirga during the night, protesters voluntarily cleared the DC compound. However, the police line has now become a sit-in at the site.

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PTI leaders expressed their discontent, asserting that their victories in PK-20 and PK-21 were unjustly transformed into defeats. They claim to possess the original Form 45, complete with the signatures of all agents, emphasizing the continuous assault on their electoral mandate.

Protestors emphasize the urgency of issuing notifications by the ROs to rectify the alleged discrepancies. A warning is issued that, if not promptly addressed, they will reoccupy the DC compound.