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The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is distributing free flour to its needy citizens during Ramadan, however, according to the food department, during the last 10 days, the citizens in different districts of the province have looted more than 4,000 bags of free flour due to irregularities and disorder at the distribution points.

The distribution points in DI Khan witnessed the worst situations, where citizens looted five trucks loaded with 2 thousand 244 bags of government flour. Similarly, in Hazar Khawani and Naguman areas in Peshawar, the citizens looted 960 bags of free flour and distributed it among themselves, furthered the report.

Besides, three people, so far, have died and four others have been injured during stampedes at the free flour centers.

According to the Food Department, a citizen was killed inside a flour mill in Bannu. One citizen was killed and four others were injured when the wall of a flour mill collapsed at another place. An unfortunate incident also took place in Charsadda where an elderly person died in a stampede.

Last week, the citizens of Peshawar blocked the highways of the city and held protests for free flour.

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After the Hazar Khawani incident, the food department had to close the distribution point, to which the citizens reacted strongly and kept the ring road closed for almost four hours. Citizens also demonstrated in front of distribution centers on Ashraf Road and Dalzak Road. In Budhber, women blocked the road to get free flour, and a case was registered against them.

On the other hand, officials of the district administrations of Bannu, Peshawar, and Malakand districts told TNN that the identification of persons involved in the looting of free flour is ongoing and legal action will be taken against them.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has announced to provide 30 kg of free flour to 5.7 million deserving families of the province during Ramadan, for which more than 7 thousand distribution points have been established.

Flour dealers, however, said the government should have informed the public before announcing this package because most of the citizens do not even know whether they are eligible for this package or not.

Meanwhile, despite all the problems in the province, the process of distribution of flour is going on. According to the spokesperson of the Food Department, Khan Ghalib, around five million bags of 10 kg flour have been distributed among more than 1.7 million families.

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