Anju, formerly known as Fatima, has become the subject of an enigmatic disappearance after her return to India from Pakistan. The woman, who was in a relationship with Nasrullah, a young man from Dir Upper, had reached Delhi but has since gone missing, leaving her whereabouts unknown.

Reports from Indian media indicate that Anju’s presence has not been traced in Bhiwari, and there is no sign of her meeting her children.

Concerns over her safety have prompted increased security measures in the residential society where she used to reside. Entry is now permitted only after thorough vehicle screenings and identity verifications of all individuals. An Intelligence Bureau team has taken charge of the investigation, even questioning Anju’s 15-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son.

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Upon her arrival in India through the Wagah border, Anju faced scrutiny from the Punjab Police and Intelligence Bureau in Amritsar. Authorities in Delhi questioned her about any potential connections with Pakistan’s defense agencies or officials, an accusation Anju vehemently denied. Despite hints about her plans to return to Pakistan, Anju assured authorities that she would take her children back to Pakistan after divorcing her Indian husband, Arvind.

In contrast, Arvind, when questioned about Anju’s return from Pakistan, claimed ignorance and expressed disinterest in discussing the matter. He asserted that he and Anju had not divorced yet, as the process typically takes three to five months.

Anju’s narrative is layered with complexity; she came to Pakistan on July 27 after befriending Nasrullah on social media, leading to their marriage. However, in statements to the Indian media, she contradicted her marital status with Nasrullah, insisting that they were not married. The circumstances surrounding Anju’s disappearance continue to puzzle authorities and the public alike.