In a troubling incident in Baka Khel Tehsil of Bannu, a watchman at the local NADRA office lost his life at the hands of unknown assailants. The police report indicates that the attackers targeted the NADRA Tehsil Office in Baka Khel Tehsil and lethally struck Kamran, who served as the watchman for the office, with deadly precision.

The unfortunate incident unfolded during Kamran’s night shift as he diligently performed his duties. Following the attack, the lifeless body of the watchman was transported to the District Headquarters Hospital, where a post-mortem examination is set to take place. Law enforcement agencies have launched an investigation into the incident, as they strive to unravel the circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

This incident is not the first sign of unrest in Tehsil Baka Khel, which has been grappling with a deteriorating law and order situation. Just a few days ago, tribal leader and former district council member Malik Shawal Khan Wazir fell victim to unidentified gunmen near Gul Zaman Mosque.

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Furthermore, recent times have seen Tehsil Bakakhel marred by violence, including a suicide attack targeting a security forces convoy at Marwat Canal. Thankfully, the attack resulted in no casualties, with only partial damage to a security forces vehicle reported.

Tragically, just last month, another suicide attack rocked Baka Khel Tehsil, claiming the lives of nine security personnel and leaving five others injured. In response to the escalating violence, an operation was conducted in Jani Khel, leading to the elimination of six terrorists. Regrettably, a woman lost her life during the exchange of fire in that operation.

The situation in Tehsil Baka Khel remains volatile, with recurring incidents demanding continued attention from law enforcement agencies in the region.