In a heated session at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, opposition parties strongly criticized the approval of a budget exceeding one billion, labeling it as a violation of the constitution and an illegal move.

Chief Minister Ali Amin Gandapur presented a motion in the assembly, seeking approval for the current month’s budget. Opposition members raised objections, claiming that the Chief Minister unilaterally sanctioned a budget of 159 billion rupees for the month, bypassing constitutional procedures.

The Chief Minister argued that, under Article 125 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Rule 150 of the Provincial Assembly, the provincial government required the specified budget.

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Elected representative Mushtaq Ghani contended that the Chief Minister possessed the authority to approve the budget without the involvement of the cabinet. However, Ahmad Kundi, representing the People’s Party, raised a point of order asserting that the Chief Minister, acting alone, does not constitute the provincial government.

He emphasized that, according to rules and regulations, any budget requires approval from the Cabinet before submission to the House. Kundi accused the assembly of violating constitutional norms and laws.

Opposition leader Dr. Ibadullah also condemned the budget approval, stating that passing the budget without Cabinet consent was illegal. Dr. Ibadullah urged the Chief Minister to establish a two-member cabinet before seeking budget approval in the assembly, warning of potential legal action if due process wasn’t followed.

Expressing his discontent, Dr. Ibadullah highlighted the need for the provincial government’s endorsement before presenting any budget in the assembly. He questioned the legitimacy of obtaining budget approval from the house without a functioning cabinet, hinting at potential legal recourse.

Ahmad Kundi, the parliamentary leader of the People’s Party, criticized the PTI government’s actions on the first day of the assembly, labeling them unconstitutional. He announced the opposition’s intention to challenge the illegal proceedings in court.

Dr. Ibadullah further accused the assembly of incompetence, predicting the eventual departure of the current government. He recalled that during Imran Khan’s tenure in both the federal and provincial governments, the remaining dues in terms of net profit of electricity were not provided.

Dr. Ibadullah asserted that the previous PTI government neglected the tribal districts, failing to allocate 400 billion rupees over four years. He issued a warning, stating that if the provincial government continued its unlawful practices in the House, the opposition would respond accordingly.