Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior has confirmed that 140,322 individuals who were residing illegally in the country have voluntarily returned to their home countries.

The Ministry of Interior issued an official statement concerning the repatriation of illegal residents in Pakistan. The statement indicated that the process of detaining and deporting individuals staying unlawfully began on November 1, while voluntary repatriation of illegal residents continues.

It’s worth noting that the deadline for illegal residents to leave Pakistan expired today, on November 1.

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Following this deadline, families of Afghan citizens residing illegally in various Pakistani cities are being registered at an entry point camp located near Hamza Baba Mazar in the Landi Kotal Tehsil of the Khyber district.

Official sources have revealed that Afghan nationals living in Pakistan without legal documentation will be permitted to return to Afghanistan through the Torkham border after registering at the Landi Kotal entry point camp.

According to these sources, approximately 1,730,000 Afghan citizens in Pakistan lack legal residence documents, and 880,000 refugees have not been granted legal status.