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Peshawar's Clean and Green Campaign Unveils Striking Wall Paintings by Students

The underlying goal is to foster public awareness and inspire positive change.
by TNN Editor - 16 May, 2023 1577

Nabi Jan Orakzai

Peshawar: With the aim of enhancing the beauty of Peshawar city, a private university, in collaboration with the district administration, has initiated a Clean and Green campaign. As part of this initiative, students from the university adorned the outer walls of Khyber Teaching Hospital with vibrant paintings carrying various messages, aiming to raise awareness about the local culture and social issues.

The wall paintings, created by the talented university students, serve a dual purpose: to enhance the aesthetics of Peshawar's walls and doors while also disseminating important messages among the community. By utilizing the walls of Khyber Teaching Hospital, these artistic creations highlight social evils and promote awareness.

During the project's inauguration, Assistant Commissioner Peshawar Rao Hashim expressed his enthusiasm, stating that the wall painting campaign will extend to other areas of the city, gradually restoring the grandeur of Peshawar.

He further acknowledged the positive reception from citizens, hoping that such initiatives will continue to enhance the city's beauty.

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The campaign also seeks to showcase the rich culture, history, and civilization of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Painters from across Pakistan were invited to participate, beautifying the walls of Peshawar with their art and shedding light on the region's history, particularly that of Peshawar.

Muhammad Nader, a painter who actively participated in the campaign, shared insights about his painting, which focuses on climate change and the scarcity of water resulting from it. Through his artwork, Nader aims to raise awareness about the need for water conservation and responsible usage.

Fatima, one of the campaign's organizers, revealed plans to embellish the walls of Lady Reading Hospital with captivating paintings. Additionally, government schools and other locations throughout the city will also receive attention.

Each painting carries a distinct theme, she added stressing that addressing important topics such as cleanliness, education, culture, climate change, and the perils of addiction. The underlying goal is to foster public awareness and inspire positive change.

The campaign initially began with ten volunteers, but its success has attracted over a hundred participants, with more expressing their interest in joining this transformative endeavor.

The Clean and Green campaign, led by the private university in collaboration with the district administration, demonstrates a collective effort to beautify Peshawar while spreading awareness and creating a positive impact on the community.

As the project gains momentum, Peshawar's walls are poised to become vibrant canvases that reflect the rich heritage of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and inspire a sense of civic responsibility among its residents.