In a remote corner of Tehsil Bara, Tirah Valley, six long-dormant community-based schools have been brought back to life under the supervision of the Frontier Corps, with valuable support from NGOs. The revival of these schools promises access to education for hundreds of students.

Local leaders, security officials, and representatives of non-governmental organizations came together to mark the launch of this initiative. FC Tirah Militia Headquarters 213 Wing played a pivotal role in reopening these six schools, which had remained inactive for several years.

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They are now located in the Tirah Valley and the Dar e Wandi, Sokh, Ghulam Ali, Jarobey, and Bagh-i-Haram areas of Upper Bara. As part of this effort, the schools were equipped with 35 whiteboards, 1150 slates, hundreds of book sets, and various educational materials to benefit the students.

Initially, educated young individuals from the local tribes have taken up the role of teachers, and as the number of students grows, more local teachers will be hired.

The public has expressed their gratitude to the forces involved in reopening these schools in Tirah Valley and Upper Bara. This initiative is seen as a beacon of hope, bringing the light of education to even the most remote and underserved areas, such as Tirah.