Rafiullah Khan

The administration of Saidu Sharif Swat Teaching Hospital has refuted recent social media reports claiming a ban on female nursing staff wearing burqas within the hospital.

Hospital authorities have clarified that no such directives have been issued, deeming the circulating news on social media as entirely fabricated and baseless.

These rumors stemmed from a statement made by activist Hamra Farhan on social media. Female nursing staff from Saidu Sharif Hospital reportedly reached out to her, expressing their concerns over the purported ban on wearing burqas within the hospital premises.

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Hamra Farhan highlighted her disapproval of this decision, emphasizing that their parents would not permit them to work without wearing a burqa. She further noted that due to these hurdles from hospital management, she might be forced to leave her job.

To support her fellow female staff, Hamra Farhan pledged to formally request the hospital to reconsider this decision with the staff’s convenience in mind.

She confirmed submitting an application regarding the matter to the hospital; however, there has been no response to date. Her social media post about the application has garnered positive feedback from the public. Hamra Farhan has consistently advocated for women’s rights, acknowledging the unique challenges women often face.

In response to these allegations, TNN reached out to Dr. Muhammad Khan, the DMS of Saidu Sharif Teaching Hospital. Dr. Khan expressed that the idea of banning burqas was unimaginable as veiling is an obligatory practice for Muslim women and constitutes their fundamental right. He categorically stated that the news circulating on social media is false and regrettable.

Dr. Khan elaborated that in line with Pakistan Nursing Council guidelines, nursing students entering the hospital should wear a specified uniform, comprising a white scarf and overalls. However, some female students arrive without the uniform. The hospital administration has urged these students to adhere to the uniform policy to distinguish them from regular visitors within the hospital premises.