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Students Demand Expansion of Educational Offerings in Khyber District

by TNN Editor - 08 May, 2024 1805

At the Government Degree College in Kohi Sher Haider, the sole educational institution in Bara, Khyber district, students led by Shah Saud Afridi, President of the Students Union, expressed concerns over the limited academic offerings available.

Currently, the college offers only a Bachelor of Science (BS) program in Computer Science, leaving students from Tehsil Bara without access to a diverse range of higher education opportunities.

In a media statement, Shah Saud Afridi highlighted the plight of hundreds of students who are annually deprived of higher education due to the lack of varied faculties at the college. He emphasized the need to expand the academic scope by introducing additional BS programs and other essential disciplines.

Afridi further mentioned ongoing construction work for a hostel building at the college, urging authorities to allocate space for new BS programs instead. He revealed that requests have been submitted to elected members of the provincial and national assemblies, warning of potential protests by thousands of Bara students if their demands are not met.

Highlighting the financial constraints faced by over 80 percent of students in Bara, Afridi emphasized the importance of initiating BS classes at the local college. Many students lack the resources to pursue education in distant cities like Peshawar, making it imperative to enhance educational opportunities within the district.