Aftab Mohmand

In a tragic incident that occurred in the Steefa Mor area of Gandap in Tehsil Topi, Swabi district, a son mercilessly killed his parents after they refused to give him money for a trip to Dubai. The shocking crime has left the local community devastated and mourning the loss of the couple.

The accused, identified as Shahroom, approached his parents, demanding money for a visit to Dubai. However, when his request was denied, Shahroom resorted to extreme measures. He opened fire on his father, Rawid, and his mother, Firasat Bibi, resulting in their untimely deaths.

Upon receiving information about the shooting, the authorities from Swabi’s police station Topi swiftly responded to the scene. It was discovered that the tragic incident had taken place inside a house in Gandap, near Steefa Mor. The suspect, Shahroom, had committed the heinous act, leading to the loss of his own parents’ lives.

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The police have gathered crucial evidence from the crime scene and have registered a case of double murder against the accused at Topi police station. Although the perpetrator managed to escape, law enforcement officials assure that efforts are underway to apprehend him promptly and bring him to justice.

According to the residents of Gandap, the victim, 46-year-old Rawid, had been serving at a local mosque for many years. He dedicated most of his time to his religious duties, while his wife earned a livelihood by sewing clothes from home. The couple’s modest income from these endeavors sustained their household.

Local community members have described the accused, Shahroom, as a troublesome individual prone to frequent disputes with his parents over trivial matters. He had previously made threats against them, causing distress and concern among the residents. The shocking culmination of these conflicts has left the community deeply saddened and grieving the loss of the couple.

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