The All Teachers Association in North Waziristan has issued a stern ultimatum, declaring that unless their legitimate demands are promptly acknowledged, all teachers will initiate a boycott of classes and lock schools starting February 22.

Aziz Dawar, President of the All Teachers Association, alongside fellow educators, conveyed their message during a press conference at the Miranshah Press Club on Thursday.

Dawar emphasized that teachers have consistently fulfilled their duties even in challenging circumstances, such as during polio campaigns, elections, and census activities, without complaints. However, during the recent election, especially women teachers faced humiliation, crossing unacceptable boundaries that undermined their self-esteem.

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Teachers vehemently reject such treatment and have conveyed a final warning to the government. They demand accountability for those responsible for the humiliating treatment of teachers. Failing to address these concerns, all teachers are set to initiate an indefinite strike from February 22, encompassing the boycott of classes and the closure of schools.

A unanimous resolution passed by the teachers underscores the gravity of their threat, urging authorities to take it seriously to prevent the closure of schools in Waziristan and safeguard children’s educational time from being squandered.