Aftab Mohmand

The Peshawar Education Board has unveiled the annual results for Intermediate exams. An impressive total of 58,661 male and female students from across the province participated in the examinations, with 53,055 emerging as successful candidates.

As per the Interboard results, Kaneez Khadija Khan, a student of Jinnah College for Women in the Pre-Medical program, clinched the top position with a remarkable 1064 marks. Following closely, Khadija Azmat Khan, a student of Forward Girls College in Hayatabad, secured the second position with an impressive 1060 marks. Muhammad Hasnat Khan, from Islamia College Peshawar, took the third position with a commendable 1057 marks.

In the field of pre-engineering, Muhammad Amjad, a student of Islamia College Peshawar, attained the first position, boasting 1032 marks. Muaaz bin Aamir from Hadaf College earned the second position with 1031 marks, while Beenish Gul from Peshawar Model Degree College secured the third position with 1028 marks.

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In the realm of computer science, Syed Muhammad Owais Raza from Hadaf College dominated the board, securing the first position with an impressive 1003 marks. Muhammad Owais from Global College secured the second position with 1000 marks, and Afaq Ahmed, also from Global College, secured the third position with 998 marks.

Within the humanities group, Anam Arif, a student of Jinnah College, excelled, clinching the first position with an outstanding 1011 marks. Ibna Yaqoob and Tayyaba Ikram, fellow students of Jinnah College, jointly secured the second position with a commendable 989 marks. Manahil Farooq, another student of Jinnah College, claimed the third position with a notable 987 marks.

Out of 31,830 regular students, 29,120 were declared successful in the Intermediate exams, with 243 students marked as absent. The pass rate for regular students stood at 91.5%. Similarly, out of 16,602 regular female students, 15,554 passed, and 59 students were absent, resulting in a passing rate of 96%.

Turning to private candidates, 7,510 students participated in the exams, with 5,747 successfully clearing them, while 338 were absent. The overall pass rate for private candidates reached 76.5%. For female private candidates, 3,119 students took the exam, with 2,634 passing, and 79 absent. The pass rate for female private candidates was 79%.

The results for Part I exams of Inter revealed that out of 60,987 students who participated, 51,028 emerged victorious, and 9,098 were promoted to the next class. However, 820 students were marked as absent. The overall pass rate for Part I was a remarkable 98.6%.

Among regular students in Part I exams, 35,993 participated, and 29,764 were declared successful, with 5,827 promoted. Only 388 students were absent, resulting in a pass rate of 98.9%. For regular female students, 18,480 participated, 17,298 passed, and 1,052 were promoted. A mere 120 female students were absent, achieving a staggering pass rate of 99.3%.

Private candidates numbered 4,568 in Part I exams, with 2,579 passing, and 1,761 promoted, while 215 were absent. The overall pass rate for private candidates was 95%. Similarly, among female private candidates, 1,946 took the exams, with 97 marked as absent. Of the remaining candidates, 1,385 passed, and 458 were promoted, yielding a pass rate of 94.7%.

An extraordinary celebration was held to honor the outstanding achievements of students in the Peshawar Intermediate Board results. The event welcomed the caretaker provincial education minister, Prof. Dr. Qasim Jan, as the chief guest. During the ceremony, the caretaker provincial education minister presented awards to the top-performing students.