The Pak-Afghan Torkham border has finally reopened for commercial operations after a 10-day closure. Truck drivers are granted the flexibility to cross the border without a visa until March 31, offering relief to hundreds of vehicles that were stranded due to the recent closure.

The initial cargo vehicle from Afghanistan has successfully entered Pakistan, marking the resumption of cross-border trade. Afghan drivers are urged to ensure their travel documents are in order before the March 31 deadline.

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The decision to reopen the border was a collaborative effort between the Afghan Consul General in Peshawar and Pakistani authorities, with the federal government overseeing the specifications for cargo vehicle travel documents.

The closure of the border had caused significant challenges for drivers on both sides, resulting in a backlog of vehicles awaiting clearance. At the Machni check post, drivers shared their difficulties, emphasizing the need for streamlined procedures.

They suggested establishing a center at Torkham Zero Point for passport and visa applications, particularly for vehicles transporting perishable goods. Such measures, they argued, would save time, prevent trade disruptions, and contribute to smoother cross-border operations.