Ten individuals, including children, suffered injuries in a gas explosion involving a plastic bag at a residence in Karak.

The incident occurred in Banda Daud Shah, leading to a house catching fire due to the gas bag explosion. Those injured include Samad (10 years old), son of Zafar Khan; Haris (11 years old), son of Razi Khan; Ayyan (10 years old), son of Shahid Nawaz; Faizullah (18 years old), son of Sher Azam, and others.

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Four children among the injured are in critical condition and have been promptly transported to Peshawar, while the rest are receiving treatment at a local hospital. Despite bans in various areas, locals continue to use gas in large plastic bags.

In another unfortunate incident, a fire erupted inside a room in a house in Islampura near Gajju Khan in Mardan.

The incident resulted in the tragic death of one-year-old Zimal, daughter of Zain. Upon receiving the information, Rescue 1122 dispatched firefighters and a medical team to the location, where they rescued the trapped girl and shifted her to DHQ Hospital.