Qazi Fazlullah, Chairman of the Tribal Union of Journalists (TUJ), strongly criticized the recent grenade attack on the residence of journalist Yasir Shah in Kohat. He expressed his dismay at the police’s failure to provide adequate protection to Yasir Shah and emphasized the need for an internal investigation to hold those responsible accountable.

Speaking at the Kohat Press Club, Qazi Fazlullah highlighted that Yasir Shah had been receiving threats for some time, and despite filing a formal report, no action was taken to ensure his safety.

Qazi Fazlullah further stated that over two months have passed since the incident, yet the police and investigative agencies have made little progress in their investigation. He vehemently condemned the negligence of the concerned institutions and called for a thorough investigation into the attack on Yasir Shah’s house within one month. Failure to meet this demand would prompt the TUJ and Kohat Press Club to initiate joint protests.

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Addressing the gathering, Qazi Fazlullah stressed the need for the reorganization of journalistic organizations at the district and regional levels to strengthen the collective voice of journalists.

Dildar Hussain, Shaheed Khan Orakzai, Khan Zaman, Khadim Khan Afridi, Jahanzeb Afridi, Nisar Afridi, and Wazir Khan Afridi, members of the TUJ Executive Council, also addressed the meeting.

Kohat Press Club President Noor Mohammad, Yasir Shah, and others expressed gratitude to the TUJ leaders for their solidarity and support during this challenging time. They emphasized the unity of the journalist community in the tribal districts and Kohat in facing the current difficult circumstances together.

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