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Hudaibia Iftikhar

Nowadays, the word depression has become very common, especially among young people. If someone talks a little loudly and someone asks him what’s wrong, the answer is: “Dude! I’m depressed.” Even if it is a small problem, they call it depression.

But what exactly is depression, what are its causes, and what are its symptoms?

Khushboo, a psychologist based in Peshawar, said that she receives many such cases daily and the clients are mostly young people, mostly students. Whatever their problem is, they complain that they have depression.

According to Khushboo, the word depression has become very common these days, but what depression is, no one knows.

Explaining depression, Khushboo said that we can call it depression when a person feels a certain change in him/herself for two to three weeks continuously or someone else notices this change in him/her.

For example, if you used to be a very social person, but now you prefer to be alone for weeks or months at a time. Earlier, you used to perform daily tasks vigorously, but now you feel sloths and lethargy or lock yourself in your room for weeks instead of participating in a game with friends, then this is a clear sign of depression.

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People with depression don’t even like to talk to anyone, Khushboo said, and often feel hopeless. They criticize themselves, feel bad about themselves, and think that no one likes them. When this condition continues continuously for three weeks or more, thoughts like suicide start emerging in the mind of a person and this is the most dangerous stage of depression.

Khushboo said that the symptoms of depression vary from person to person; People with depression either sleep a lot or lose sleep altogether. Similarly, due to depression, their weight either increases a lot or their body becomes weak due to not willing to eat. These are some of the symptoms which, if found in a person, can be said to be suffering from depression. Remember there is a difference between depression and sadness. Two or three days of sadness cannot be called depression. Depression is a specific illness while sadness is related to your mood swings.

According to a report, about 280 million people in the world are currently suffering from depression, in which the majority are women.

Why is depression more common in women than men?

Answering this question, Khushboo said that many women came to her who were suffering from depression only because they were constantly being taunted for not getting married, that they were getting older, everyone’s relationships in the family are fixed, it’s just not happening for you.

Apart from this, taunts for not having children, taunts for not bringing dowry or bringing less, taunts like beauty and ugliness, if given continuously, no normal person will take time to suffer from depression.

According to Khushboo, one of the causes of depression is that there is a continuous problem of depression in the family, which increases the chances of depression in you too. (But it is not necessary). Or if you are a student and there is stress of study, then the chances of depression also increase. The main cause of depression that comes before us today is love affairs.

Khushboo said that most of the cases that come to her are university students, in which the main reason is broken love affairs.

Depression is a disease that can even kill you, so before you reach that stage, it is important to get it treated in time if you feel any kind of change in you. People should also be made aware not to leave themselves untreated by labeling depression or mental illness as insanity, and fearing “what people will think”.

It is not madness but a disease and every disease can be cured.

Note: Hudaybia Iftikhar is a feature writer and blogger.