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Unveiling Life's Harsh Realities

No words can teach until you experience them firsthand; it's a blessing in disguise.

by TNN Editor - 18 Aug, 2023 1501

Naila Sikander

A shock, for a stunner, for individuals who perceive life as simple.

A blow, for a thinker, for a soul; this world is a beautiful lie.

Like everyone, you will end up alone; that is the lovely dilemma of this world.

A realization that leaves you feeling broken and lost; struggling in the most significant relations. No one supports anyone in times of scarcity, not even your close ones whom you thought could stand by you. Yet, an extraordinary morning can be stunning. Your kin will let you be, and surprisingly, those who are within your comfort zone, to whom you used to confide your heart, will also forsake you in your difficult times. Like everyone, you will ultimately be alone; that is the complexity of this world.

Unfortunately, you will definitely be hurt, angered, and broken. Moreover, you will experience a range of emotions and pain. Both outward and inward aggravation will consume you, yet you can't avoid the hurt; it will persist until its own time. Pain is your preparation to deal with agony, and experience is your way of learning about life. No words can teach until you experience them firsthand; it's a blessing in disguise.

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You would rather not be surrounded by your dearest; their presence is a reminder of pain. Sadly, you won't even look at them, and as a result, you will distance yourself, not wanting to see anyone. You need time to gather the broken pieces of yourself, and that time is solely for you to mend yourself, which is scattered in pieces before you.

Unluckily, you realize that injury has made you hostile toward people around you. You are harming yourself, and what's more, you recognize that you can hurt your loved ones with your words. Your circle of friends and social circle could fall under the influence of your negativity; they could be impacted as well. Hence, you prefer solitude or silence, staying alone so you can't harm them.

At the same time, you will feel sluggish, exhausted, and vulnerable due to the aggravation that drains your energy and diminishes your charm. You will feel lost. We all know how difficult it is to feel pain and yet be unable to express it because it seems futile. You must endure it alone, with Allah's help only...!

You will feel isolated from the crowd around you. Everyone can relate to this, as we are all going through it; you are not alone...!

But wait;

Fortunately, life is still beautiful. Look at nature around you, telling you in its own way that come what may, everything will be alright. Nature is friendly; it reassures you of the presence of the Almighty everywhere, and His presence beside you is all a human needs. Having Him by your side means you have conquered both this world and the hereafter.

Listen to the soothing chirping of birds, feel the gentle breeze moving the leaves of tall trees, observe the tiny insects busy with their lives, hear the gentle raindrops falling, witness the vibrant rainbow – all of these can uplift you and remind you that life isn't over. Thankfully, this shock isn't the end of life; you must face it multiple times because Allah has chosen you to endure it. He wants to purify you; He wants to make you realize that He is the ultimate destiny in this world. When everyone else leaves, He will remain there eternally, because He loves you...!

Moreover, healing takes time, sometimes a lot of time. Relax and take your time; embrace your new path and maturely grow from it. Fortunately, you are not alone; people like you are with you in this journey, as life is a struggle. Embrace conflict, brokenness, and pain with full awareness, as they shape your life and prepare you for challenging days ahead, which are equally significant. This world is far from perfect; try to be realistic, and life will become easier if you do so.