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Woman Found Confined with Cattle: Seeking Justice

The police are currently seeking to apprehend Hameed to bring him to justice, ensuring that Sobia receives the justice she deserves.

by TNN Editor - 26 Jul, 2023 1521

Aftab Mohmand

In Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a distressing incident of cruelty against a woman named Sobia has come to light. Sobia was found confined in a shed with cattle in the village of Desal, Darmarhia, in Abbottabad district.

Local journalist Alamzeb Malik shared the details, stating that the incident was discovered when Sobia's family visited Desal for a wedding. Some residents of Desal informed Sobia's father and brother that she was being mistreated by her own husband, Hameed, along with sons-in-law Saeed and Shafi, and mother-in-law Yasmeen. They revealed that Sobia was kept in a goat pen and subjected to daily abuse.

Reacting to this distressing news, Muhammad Ashfaq, Sobia's father, and brother, along with some residents of Desal, confronted Hameed's house. The Bagnotar police station was also alerted and promptly arrived at the scene. They found Sobia Bibi tied up in the goat pen, bearing visible signs of injuries and suffering.

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Alamzeb expressed shock, stating that he had never witnessed such a tragic incident in Abbottabad before. It was revealed that Hameed, who himself works at a hotel in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, had been neglecting Sobia and providing her with substandard food. Sobia's father, who is disabled, struggles to make ends meet and often relies on charity for support.

The Bagnotar Police Station confirmed their swift response, rescuing Sobia and ensuring her medical examination at the hospital. It was revealed that Sobia had endured this harrowing ordeal for 3 to 4 months. As a result of the operation, Sobia's mother-in-law and brother-in-law were arrested. The police are currently seeking to apprehend Hameed to bring him to justice, ensuring that Sobia receives the justice she deserves.

Muhammad Ashfaq, Sobia's brother, shed more light on the situation. Sobia had married Hameed seven years ago, with the understanding that they would live as a loving family. However, relations soured when Hameed demanded thirty thousand rupees, which Sobia couldn't provide. Consequently, Hameed and his family began mistreating her, forbidding her from visiting her father's house and cutting off all ties.

Recently, when their mother passed away, Hameed did not permit Sobia to attend her funeral, intensifying the pain and suffering she endured. Sobia's brother expressed his immense distress upon seeing her condition, vowing to seek justice for his sister through legal means. He affirmed that they only want justice for Sobia, and their focus is on ensuring her well-being and recovery.