Nasar Zada

The construction of a road to Saidgai Lake, a popular tourist destination in Upper Dir, has been approved and inaugurated. The project, approved by former Chief Minister Mehmood Khan, is set to cost 305 million rupees for the construction of ten kilometers of road. The new road will promote tourism in the Ushirai Dara of Dir Upper.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Tehsil Chairman Larjam Abdul Latif Khan and local leaders. Abdul Latif Khan, speaking after the inauguration, said that the project was a long-standing demand of the people of Ushirai Dara and will make it easier for tourists to visit Saidgai Lake. He added that he will personally supervise the project to ensure it becomes an ideal road.

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Ehsanullah Advocate, a local leader, expressed his optimism that the project will promote tourism in the Ushirai Dara region, which has been previously hidden from the eyes of tourists due to the lack of a proper road.

Saidgai Lake is a historical landmark located at the end of Ushirai Pass, and every year hundreds of tourists come from Ushirai Dara and other areas to see it, walking a distance of seven to nine hours.

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