In a groundbreaking move, Abida has etched her name in the history of North Waziristan by filing nomination papers for NA-40, marking the first instance of a woman contesting in the region. Hailing from Village Sapalgah in North Waziristan Tehsil Miranshah, Abida holds an FA certificate.

Abida, married to a doctor, expressed her keen interest in charitable endeavors, motivating her decision to enter the political arena. She has actively engaged in welfare activities, particularly focusing on education by enrolling numerous underprivileged children in schools.

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Speaking about her candidacy, Abida emphasized her commitment to serving the people of the area. Unperturbed by public opinions, whether negative or positive, she is determined to work for the welfare of Waziristan’s residents.

Abida is grateful for the support she receives from her family, reinforcing her dedication to the community’s betterment.