Rafiullah Khan

Amidst the controversy surrounding alleged harassment incidents involving faculty members and female students at the University of Swat, urgent measures are being taken by the university administration. In response to the situation, CCTV cameras are being swiftly installed in classrooms, and glass doors are being introduced as part of emergency initiatives.

Just a day ago, the vice-chancellor of the university had dismissed allegations of harassment, asserting that no such events had occurred. However, the subsequent decision to install cameras and reinforced glass has stirred further skepticism.

Prominent journalist Fayyaz Zafar from Swat expressed his perspective on the matter. He highlighted the shift in the vice chancellor’s stance, noting that after initially denying the allegations, there is now active implementation of security measures, including the ongoing installation of cameras and glass panels.

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Zafar welcomed these measures as a positive step towards preventing harassment not only in classrooms but also in staff areas. He shared that the case involves both the university administration and male teachers, with evidence such as voice recordings, chats, and videos.

Highlighting a broader issue, Zafar mentioned that harassment and extortion are problems in various universities, often linked to internal assessments. Implementing measures against these practices would create a safer environment for both female students and faculty members.

A student from the University of Swat, identified as Hina (pseudonym), shared her viewpoint. She believed that the installation of cameras and glass doors would deter potential wrongdoers and provide protection against administration-related harassment. Hina emphasized the need for independent oversight in matters of internal assessments, as many female students face financial difficulties and are determined to pursue their education against all odds.

Despite attempts, the response from Vice Chancellor Hasan Sher regarding the recent developments remains undisclosed.

The situation gained significant attention when the provincial ombudsman initiated an inquiry into the harassment allegations involving University Registrar Imtiaz Ali. The circulation of the inquiry letter on social media sparked widespread concern among students and parents, shedding light on the unsettling situation within the educational institution.

The ongoing efforts to enhance security at the University of Swat, including the installation of CCTV cameras and reinforced glass doors, aim to foster a safe and confident environment for all students and faculty members. These measures reflect the administration’s response to the complaints raised by concerned individuals within the university community.

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