Police recover two bodies from fields in Peshawar
Police recover two bodies from fields in Peshawar

Muhammad Abid

In a tragic incident, an employee of PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) was brutally killed by unidentified individuals in North Waziristan. The victim has been identified as Zarbat Khan, as confirmed by the Mir Ali police.

The police have taken swift action, promptly transferring the deceased’s body to the district hospital. A case has been registered, and a thorough investigation has been initiated to unveil the motives behind this heinous act.

Disturbingly, this isn’t an isolated incident. The slain Zarbat Khan was the father of Waqar Ahmed, a member of the ‘Youth of Waziristan’, who himself fell victim to a tragic fate a year ago along with three others.

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Recent times have seen a disturbing trend of targeted violence in the region. Just a few days prior, Javed Noor, the social media coordinator for Jamiat e Ulema e Islam in North Waziristan, was targeted and wounded by assailants whose identities remain unknown. Adding to the distress, another young man named Tehsinullah, hailing from the village of Tapi, also lost his life at the hands of unidentified perpetrators.

These harrowing incidents underscore an alarming pattern of targeted killings in North Waziristan, which has persisted even after the culmination of Operation Zarb e Azb. Tragically, more than five hundred individuals have fallen victim to such violence, casting a grim shadow over the region’s security and stability.

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