Abdul Sattar

In a significant development, the Special Anti-Terrorism Court in Mardan has delivered its verdict in a high-profile blasphemy case, sentencing the accused to death after being found guilty. Alongside the death penalty, the culprit has also been handed down a five-year prison term under two separate provisions.

According to the prosecutor, the incident took place on February 13, 2017, when a 36-year-old individual named Irfan, son of Gul Bahader, allegedly proclaimed prophethood through a loudspeaker in Gali Bagh, an urban area of Mardan.

Subsequently, two days later, the police apprehended him and filed multiple charges against him, including the offense of blasphemy.

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On Wednesday, Judge Khalid Khan Kotarpan of Special Anti-Terrorism Court No. 2 in Mardan pronounced the accused guilty of blasphemy and sentenced him to death. Additionally, a fine of four lakh rupees was imposed on him.

In two other related cases, the court handed down a five-year imprisonment term and imposed fines of 80,000 rupees each.

It is worth recalling that on May 6, during a political party protest in Sawaldher, a suburb of Mardan, a local resident was tragically killed on allegations of blasphemy. This case has sparked widespread attention and debate regarding blasphemy laws in the country.

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